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A commission for project future malaysia, in collaboration with chevening alumni and the british high commissioner to kuala lumpur. click on the picture to read the full story!


concept for my main collection of books

          These books revolve around the zodiac signs and their journey to becoming mature. They are all each the embodiments of the 12 signs. Everything about them will have the characteristics of the sign in question. This is to make you feel the nature of the sign. it gives off an energy that says, "THIS IS TAURUS!". Or whichever sign the book's title is.

          The 12 signs are all protagonists of their own story. They're all different from each other in many ways. Their lifestyle, the way they dress, their skin color. Everything except for one thing. They're all humans and they all make mistakes. And they're here to show you where you can learn from their mistakes if you have the sign in one of your placements. Or you've done what they've done in their books.

          These books are also meant to show the world the true healing power of astrology at it's finest. There will even be natal charts and concept explanations to make you understand how the main characters came to be. 

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Hi, there! For those of you who don't already know who I am, my name is Ackash and I am the proud creator of what you see on this site. Including the site itself. I've always dreamed of writing, but I understood and acted that a lot later in life. As I did with everything else in my life like eating chicken (don't ask me why; even I'm unsure). If you're here for books, you will (hopefully) get some. And some short stories and poems while I'm at it. I write mostly general or speculative fiction, but I may branch out. I guess you'll have to stick around. If you do, that would be pretty cool! You would get to learn about my fascination with the dark and it's mysteries, astrology, cultures and the people who live them day to day, books, music and, most importantly, the natural world. Make sure to follow my other social media for more immediate updates as well. But, if you don't, that's cool too. Thanks for visiting, fellow digital wanderer! Hope you have a lovely day ahead of you <3

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